Which hedge?

Which hedge?

Choosing a hedge

So you like your neighbours but you want to have a bit of privacy. But wander into a nursery and you will be met with an overwhelming array of plants which claim to make the perfect hedge. Which hedge is for you?

The first thing to think about is what you want the hedge to do. Are you trying to block out the neighbours clothesline? Do you just need it to provide a visual divide between two areas? What height does the hedge need to be to help you out?

Is the hedge going to be in sun all day? Just in the morning? Afternoon?

Are you willing to prune regularly? If you are impatient you may want to pick a plant that grows higher than you need it to and keep it trimmed. If you want a low maintenance garden you want to match your needs with the natural habit of a plant and let it do the work for you.


Top 5 picks for Canberra

Large hedges (3m+)

Viburnum tinus – tough and reliable in full sun to part shade. Flowers are  fragrant but not to everyone’s liking

Photinia robusta – yes they are everywhere – mainly because they are close to indestructible and fast growing in reasonable soil. Full sun to part shade. Flowers are fragrant and can cause hayfever.

Prunus laurocerasus – If you’re sick of seeing the same old hedges try this one. Can be harder to find but very tough and reliable

Callistemon ‘Endeavour‘ – Bird attracting and colourful, as with all hedges the shape will benefit from regular pruning but can be left as anatural screen. Full sun to part shade.

Pittosporum ‘Super screen’ – full sun to part shade. The best choice for a narrow area – they don’t like very wet or very  dry conditions so prepare the soil well but once established they are very hardy.                                   .

What’s your favourite hedge for Canberra? Leave a comment below.

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