What to plant in September

What to plant in September

Don’t be fooled! It was beautiful and warm last weekend but this is not Spring. This is Fake Spring. In fact it might be one of many Fake Springs we will have over the next few months so beware of those who sell you promises of tomatoes by Christmas unless you have a cunning plan to protect from frosts. And there will be more frosts.

The truth is most of your summer veg will not start to grow until the soil warms up so even if you protect from frost chances are a tomato planted when the soil temperature is right will catch up and surpass stunted early starter. So spend your time now preparing the soil and planning your next move. Real Spring will be here before you know it.


Planting in September

Peas (seed)


Salad greens

Asian greens




Onion (sets)

Radish (seed)


Potato (virus free tubers)

Globe artichoke

Asparagus (crowns)

Strawberries (runners)

Rhubarb (crowns)




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