Summer stars – Convolvulus mauretanicus

Summer stars – Convolvulus mauretanicus

This is a plant I recommend all the time to my clients. It’s a trusty performer, very tough and looks fantastic when you need a swathe of colour.  I like to team it with Spanish Iris or under crisp white standard iceberg roses. It’s also perfect cascading down a retaining wall. The white version is not quite as tough as the original but my favourite variety is ‘Moroccan beauty’. Readily available in nurseries.

Botanical name : Convolvulus mauretanicus
Common name : Morning glory
Grows to : covers 1 m2, very flat
Likes : Hot and dry spots
Uses : Will trail over a retaining wall, out of a hanging basket or grow into a beautiful flowering carpet. Perfect for rockeries, pots and large flat areas.
Watch for : It can grow up through small shrubs and can smother if let go. Best in a large open space where allowed to spread.

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