Pimp your pots

Pimp your pots

Got 5 minutes? Take a look at your pots. Are they vibrant, healthy specimens bursting with energy or are they looking a little worse for wear?

If your potted plants have been sulking after a long hot summer a quick 10 minute spruce up will bring them back to life.

   What you’ll need  

1.  Liquid wetting agent – Why? – This will make sure your diligent watering (or the odd bit of rain they have been thirstily clinging to) will distribute evenly and efficiently giving you strong healthy root systems and tougher plants you can rely on. The good ones will also have trace elements and seaweed to help coax your plants back to life

2. Slow release fertiliser – Why? – The potting mix you bought originally only had enough fertiliser to keep your plant going for around 3 months! Ever since the poor thing has been starving. Give your plants a good solid meal (make sure you choose one suitable for the plant you have eg. Native, Roses etc)

3. Mulch – Why? Keeping plants well watered in pots is hard enough without losing over half your water to evaporation. Cut down on water loss by covering the surface of the potting mix with 3-5cm of sugar cane or pea straw but keep it away from the trunk of the plant to avoid collar rot.

Want to take it up a notch?

Use a liquid fertiliser once a fortnight (or when you remember) to turbo charge your growth. This is like caffeine for plants and should only be used when the plants are likely to grow (20 – 30 degrees)

If they are tucked up for Winter or exhausted in the Summer heat best leave them alone. Bear in mind seaweed solutions are great for soil health but they are not fertilisers and will not give you the instant gratification of a liquid or soluble fertiliser.

As always follow the directions on the packets and take lots of before and after photos to prove how clever you are.


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