Our services

Our services

Are you in Canberra? Contact us to organise a home visit and we can help you choose the plants you need to create your dream garden, devise a maintenance plan to keep it healthy or just help you figure out what to do next!

Garden Advisory – Just the visit    $150 – 1 hour 

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Are you new to your garden?  Or just need some direction in your old one? We can talk you through your options and ideas and give you some advice onwhere to start or how to achieve them. We focus on the right plant selection to suit Canberra’s soil and climate and give you step by step DIY advice to get your garden growing.


Grow your own – Garden Advisory $150 – 1 hour 

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Want to grow mountains of produce but don’t know where to start? We come to your home, help you to determine the best location for your beds and give you step by step information on how to get started.

You will receive a shopping list including information on which soils, beds and mulch to use and which varieties of fruit and veg to plant that year, all based on your personal favourites.  We incorporate crop rotation and sustainability techniques wherever possible and draw on years of experience designing school, home and community kitchen gardens to make your garden easier to manage and maximise your harvest.


Maintenance plan – $350 = 1 hour visit and a one year action plan

things in school notebook f improf 110x110 Our servicesWe come out to your home, identify the plants in your garden and devise amonthly task list to keep the garden looking great. Whether you want a low maintenance oasis or an obsessive hobby we can cater for your expertise. Includes advice on when and how to prune, fertilise, water and plant and how to get the best lawn in the street.                                     Great housewarming gift.

Garden Health Check    $150 – 1 hour 

things in school glasses f improf 110x110 Our services

We give your garden a “check up” concentrating on pests, soil and generalplant health. You receive a one page evaluation and recommendations based on the results. Ask us for our rates if you have just one “problem plant”.


To book an appointment call 0409833074 or click on the link to purchase the service online and we will call you to arrange a time that suits you.


  1. Linda Riess

    I just want to say what a fabulous book the Kitchen Garden Planner is!  It’s very organised, concisely written, and full of local (Canberra) information.  I’ve never really grown veggies before – this book is so inspiring and fills me with confidence!!   Thanks Suzie!

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