How to mulch

How to mulch

So you’re convinced. You need mulch. Now what?
First you need to make sure you’re getting the right amount of mulch for your garden. You’ll need 1m3 for 15m2 of garden to get the 75mm depth required. Skip the bits where the ground cover has taken over or where you can’t see the soil for plants.  Depth really matters but if you have to cheat make sure any gardens in the harsh afternoon sun have the correct depth – you can cheat a bit under dense trees. Then…

How do I apply it?

  • Remove all weeds before applying, rake back any existing mulch.
  • Break up the soil surface and water well
  • Spread the mulch evenly across the soil surface to a depth of 75mm
  • Clear the mulch from around the plant stems to avoid collar rot
  • If you have irrigation pull it up to roughly the middle of the mulch layer


Maintaining mulch

  • If the mulch becomes too dry and repels water, rake it to break the surface crust, then water and check again. This is most likely to occur with small particle mulches.
  • If weeds appear, remove or spray them before they can flower and seed.
  • Top up the mulch periodically as it will generally decompose over time. The larger the particle size the longer it will last. You may want to read Choosing your mulch to regretting your decision!

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