Garden ideas – relaxed modern style

Garden ideas – relaxed modern style

A super easy style to emulate this is a great garden for a large corner block or someone looking to reduce the lawn space. Well mulched, this would be a low maintenance, drought tolerant garden which could easily accommodate a table and chairs or a quiet space to read the morning paper.

There are many plants that could create a similar feel but try these on for size.

Hedge – Viburnum tinus or Feijoa sellowiana
Trees – Crab apple or Lagerstroemia (crepe myrtle)
Grasses – a blend of Lomandra ‘Tanika’, Dianella revoluta, Blue fescue, maybe Dieties grandiflora for a little extra colour
A touch of yellow – Dwarf golden diosma
Hedge along the pavers – Korean box (Buxus microphylla var microphylla)
Of course there are many other combinations of plants which could give this garden a completely different feel. But with these plants you would need to prune the hedge annually and divide the grasses every 3 or so years. If you are impatient you could fertilise the plants to get optimum growth but if your soil is soft and fertile to start this garden will settle in quickly and require watering rarely once established.
Can you imagine this garden in your back yard? What changes would you make to this style?
If you’re in Canberra and want to discuss the options in your garden check out our Garden Advisory service for how we can help you.

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