Garden ideas – Cottage garden

Garden ideas – Cottage garden

Like this look? This would make a great driveway garden or a romantic, inviting entrance. Perfect for full sun, these plants would be very drought tolerant and fairly low maintenance. If you don’t like a lot of pruning give this garden some room – I would want a bed around 2m – 2.5m wide but it could be squeezed into a narrower bed if you’re happy to keep the plants in check. In this shot the Roses are peeking through the fence but they would be around 1.5m wide. Remember the roses will lose their leaves for winter so don’t rely on them for privacy but I love the colour and romance of this style.

For our Canberra climate I would suggest these plants to give you a similar effect.

Salvia Impact purple or
Lavender munstead – 1/2m tall and wide

Golden diosma – around 1m tall but variable or
Euphorbia ascot rainbow – 1/2m tall

Pink rose
Pierre de Ronsard – rambling rose

Are you a cottage garden fan? Can you see this in your front yard? If this photo has inspired your garden send us in a photo – we’d love to see your style.

If you are in Canberra and would like a home visit to talk through your garden check out our Garden Advisory service for how we can help you or call Suzie on 0409833074.


    1. admin

      Hi Laura. If the canopy of the gum tree is high or sparse you can grow these plants under your tree. If the shade cast is quite dense you will get less flowers but as long as the plants are not over watered they will cope. Just give them a good prune once or twice a year to keep them in shape. Good luck!

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