Five minute fixes – pots

Five minute fixes – pots

Are you a little less than consistent when watering your pots?

When potting mixes dry out they can become completely water repellant so any water you apply will not reach the plants roots, instead running down the sides of the pot. To check if this is happening to you scrape back any mulch then water the way you normally would. Take a hand trowel and dig into the soil – if the potting mix is dry break up the surface a little and water again.

If the soil is still repelling water soak the pot in a bucket or bath tub until the bubbles stop rising. Then add a liquid wetting agent to the potting mix – this allows the water to “stick” to the soil.

If the pots are too large to submerge you may have to repot the plant into some fresh potting mix – make sure the potting mix has the red premium Australian StandardsMark ticks and preferably has wetting agent and fertiliser incorporated into the mix. Then cover the surface of the pot with a layer of mulch to protect the mix from drying out and keep an eye out for the problem returning.

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