Creating a courtyard

Creating a courtyard

Courtyards are usually designed to be an extension to your house – an outdoor living room. So one of the most important things to think about is how you are going to use the space. Do you want a beer garden to entertain your mates, a BBQ, a complete outdoor kitchen, or just a quiet place to have a coffee in the morning. Siting the tables, chairs and other furniture is important – do you want shade for summer? Winter sun? Give priority to your living zones.

Do you need more privacy? At what height? If you have courtyard walls do they need softening? Is paving or gravel too harsh for the space. Lawn or decking will be more work but give a softer look. How about the roof? Do you need trees or is a vine covered pergola more your style. Using an upper canopy that loses it’s leaves for winter can give you a natural solution to the differing winter and summer needs but if you want protection from the rain you may want a man made cover.

Once you have the bones of the courtyard sorted the real fun begins. Most courtyards have their own microclimate – is the area hot and sunny or dark and damp. This will have a big impact on which plants you can grow successfully.

For inspiration flip through magazines and collect photos of gardens you love as well as those you don’t like so that you have a clear direction. You can also visit us on pinterest for our favourites and if you need more help sign up for a home visit.

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