Choose a shade tree

Choose a shade tree

Trees are an important element of a well designed garden in Canberra. Well placed they can provide shade for people and plants alike, reduce evaporation and efficiently cool down a house saving water, power and money.

But they can cost money too – always look at the eventual height and width predicted and consider your power lines, gutters, walls and pipes. In a trend towards smaller backyards a series of smaller trees may be a smarter decision than a large tree which needs controlling.

Deciduous trees which lose their leaves in Autumn are valuable as they will let in the Winter sun to warm the area but keep you cool when you need it.

The idea they are more work to clean up after is hotly contested by anyone who lives under a gum tree – at least they only drop once a year! If this is an issue go for trees with large leaves rather than lots of little ones – especially if gutters are a consideration as gutter guard can only keep out so much. Also remember many trees have fruit or seed which can attract birds – whether this is a pro or a con is worth considering.

Finally think about the overall style of your garden. A Japanese maple will create a very different feel in a garden compared to a Crab apple. If you have a strong theme you will want to compliment this not detract from it. Also bear in mind the microclimate – hot and sunny or sheltered and well watered there is a tree to suit.

To narrow down your option see our top 3 picks for small trees in Canberra or visit our pinterest site for inspiration.

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