Before the big freeze

Before the big freeze

The temperatures are dropping fast and just like us it can catch your garden off guard. Before the frosts really hit there are things you need to do and fast.

Protect any young or vulnerable Citrus plants with hessian or shade cloth. Make a frame which sits above the plant so that the material doesn’t touch the leaves and drape the material across the top and down the sides a little to protect the plant from rolling frosts.

Take a good look at your veggie patch and consider harvesting any last summer vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums and pumpkins. If you want to hold off try covering them but this will only protect from a light frost. Any tomatoes which are turning pink will ripen indoors. Harvest basil and make pesto or freeze in your ice cube tray for use later on. When harvesting your pumpkins use a knife to cut the pumpkin about 5cm below the stem leaving plenty of vine attached to ensure they keep longer.

Keep an eye on any brand new plants in your garden as chances are they have been grown in a warmer climate and might be a little stunned by their first frosts. Move any vulnerable potted plants indoors or under cover and make sure you only water when the soil is drying out as wet and cold is a bigger killer than cold alone.


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