5 tricks to cut your gardening time in half

5 tricks to cut your gardening time in half

Is this your idea of gardening?
Try these tips to cut your gardening time in half

01. Be patient! Don’t plant plants which are too big for the space you have.
You’ll have the effect faster but then you have to commit to a lifetime of pruning. Cheat and pick a plant that grows exactly the way you want it to then pretend like it’s all your own work.

02. Don’t plant until your soil is ready.
If you can’t slide a spade all the way into your garden bed you will have to work too hard to get your plants to grow. Let their roots spread far and wide, get them going and they can look after themselves.

03. Mulch
Yes you’ve heard it all before but a 75mm layer of mulch will cut your watering time by more than half and your weeding down too. It will also encourage all the microbes and worms to do your gardening for you so it’s a win-win.

04. Install an irrigation system
It’s lego for adults, easy to install and will allow you to water at the press on a button (or a turn of a tap). Keep it simple to start, manual tap timers and in-line drippers are simple and effective. You can always get a fancy controller later if one takes your fancy.

05. Don’t let weeds go to seed
You don’t have to do much to keep weeds to a minimum – just snap off any seed heads or flowers that appear. Best done with a beverage in hand or while you’re on the phone to your mum. If you do this often you will have the area under control in no time and can tackle the source weeds at you leisure.

Do you have your own secret cheats and tricks? Go on – share the love in our comment section.

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